About Us

Ambition Lawrence Weston exists as a resident-driven organisation striving to make Lawrence Weston a good place to live and work.

What we do

Here at Ambition Lawrence Weston we:

• facilitate the “Lawrence Weston Community Network” – a network that brings together all of the organisations (public and voluntary) in Lawrence Weston to encourage information sharing and joint projects and initiatives

• work on community Planning – we are currently writing a new 2017 Community Plan for Lawrence Weston

• facilitate and support Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Planning group – a group set up to deal with all planning and land use issues in Lawrence Weston

• support the development of a community managed website

• produce “On Your Doorstep” – a free community newsletter for Lawrence Weston, delivered to every home four times a year

• support community engagement – we support a number of smaller groups (Henacre, Parent and Practitioner group) and support individual residents to come together to tackle issues within the neighbourhood


Our Achievements

Ambition Lawrence Weston works in partnership with local groups and organisations. Successes include:

• Carried out intensive consultations and surveys with and by residents to inform the development and delivery of the Lawrence Weston Community Plan 2013-2023

• Secured £1 million of funding from the Big Local Lottery Trust

• Stopped Lawrence Weston Youth Centre from closure and developed it into a vibrant community resource

• Supported residents in the development of the Lawrence Weston Big Local lottery Plan

• Publishing and delivering quarterly editions of the locally acclaimed community magazine On Your Doorstep

• Influenced the college site development to include a new Lidl supermarket, housing that meets local needs and a new community health/hub

• Created an Employment Hub at the Youth Centre to support residents to find full time permanent employment

• Supported residents to write a Neighbourhood Development Plan throug the Lawrence Weston Planning group to give the community a voice around planning issues

• Influenced the developers of the new housing complex, on the old Mason Arms site to ensure majority of new homes go to local families                                                                                                                                                            
• Saved green spaces in Lawrence Weston from development

Provided funding for Oasis Crafts Shop on Ridingleaze, to Rock Community Centre, Lawrence Weston out of school services, the Baptist Church Cafe, Sea Cadets, Juicy Blitz Youth Provision, Blaise Weston Court Sheltered Housing and other small group

Influenced Bristol City Council to ensure 50%+ of new affordable homes built will go to Lawrence Weston residents

• Brought an additional £1.5M of investment to the local area

• Supported the delivery of the Lawrence Weston Solar Farm

• Supported the securing of funding for 2 new play areas, at Ridingleaze and Henacre

• Supported and funded residents to start up the Play Pod at Bangrove and Wiggles and Tiggles play group at Vincent close estate

• Canvased for, and attained, new bus shelters on Long Cross

• Support and funding for the Wescott Jobs Club

• Supported residents finding full time permanent employment

• Encouraged and supported training providers to increase the levels and type of training available locally

• Run the ALW network group, a meeting that brings all service providers together to inform them of our resident’s needs and wants

• Influenced many developments through the Lawrence Weston Planning group

• Supported the acclaimed FAST programmes at Long Cross and Bankleaze primary schools


Improving living and working in Lawrence Weston

Here at Ambition Lawrence Weston, we will strive to achieve this through ensuring that residents:

• Can access quality and sustainable jobs, services and shops

• Can benefit from high quality education and training throughout their lives

• Can enjoy modern community, leisure and art facilities

• Can look after their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing with access to high quality and appropriate services and support

• Will have secure access to adequate amounts of affordable, safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate foods

• Understand their rights and are empowered to make choices to improve their own lives

• Have access to safe and well-maintained green spaces and are actively involved in their upkeep

• Enjoy an environment which is looked after, safe and clean

• Can access healthy, sustainable and affordable homes for all stages of life

• Can travel safely on well-connected and affordable routes

• Feel part of a community which supports and looks after one another and is welcoming and inclusive

• Collectively celebrate the heritage and identity of the neighbourhood and plan carefully for its future

• Have a strong voice and can be at the heart of decision making locally