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Community Plan
Have a look at the Lawrence Weston Community Plan which was put together by the community residents, for the residents. It outlines how people in Lawrence Weston want the neighbourhood to develop in the future and sets out an action plan to achieve this.

community plan

“Lawrence Weston is a friendly and vibrant neighborhood where the word community really matters!”

What the Community Plan is all about

The Lawrence Weston Community Plan – The Way Forward is now available to download.
Drafting the plan has involved a lot of work and a lot of input from a lot of people! Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Due to community facilities either being closed down, or being threatened of closure, and residents feeling disconcerted about the distributions being made to their estate as a whole, Ambition Lawrence Weston (ALW) took it upon themselves to develop a community plan, ‘The Way Forward’, which looks to tackling and resolving these issues and concerns. The community plan is a long-term vision and commitment that will work towards improving Lawrence Weston community between 2013 and 2023.

The community plan has tried to include everything that is relevant to the people who live and work in Lawrence Weston, from employment and playgrounds to the design of new buildings and new services for job seekers, young people and families. The plan takes into consideration peoples’ views, likes and dislikes about Lawrence Weston, the problems and opportunities in the community, what future development is needed in the neighbourhood, and how residents can help to support the development.

The Community Plan looks to make a difference in the following areas:
1. Housing
2. Crime and Community Safety
3. Traffic and Transport
4. Jobs, Skills, Business and Financial Exclusion
5. Health, Wellbeing and Social Care
6. Planning, Public Realm, Parks and Green Spaces
7. Young People, Children, Families and Education
8. Community Facilities and Activities, Art, Leisure and Sport

There is a great number of residents in the community who are all affected by the government cuts, closing of facilities, and the disturbance to the community, but they do not have a loud enough voice behind them to express their concerns – therefore the hope is through ALW implementing this plan and getting enough residents to support them, they may be heard.