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Hello, my name is Lisa Denison and I am now working as a Project Manager for Ambition Lawrence Weston to get the Community-led housing project at Astry Close off the ground, or out if it, I should say.

On Feb 28th, I met with local residents on the housing group to ask them what they wanted from the project. It was so useful and interesting to hear about their experiences of housing in the area and how they think it could be delivered and managed better in the future.

It’s early days but I’m optimistic that this group will really be able to influence what is built on the site, have a real say in how the homes will benefit the Lawrence Weston community, and how they’ll be looked after for years to come.

We’re still working on the types and size of homes as well as the funding and management: there’s a lot involved in this sort of project. And of course, community leadership is vital so I’d like even more residents to get involved. This includes anyone locally who is interested in community led housing and design, it doesn’t matter what sort of housing you currently live in. It’s for everyone.

The meetings are currently once a month and the next one is on March 28th. If you’d like to know more please get in touch with me on 07900 908391 or at

I’d love to hear from you.


Lawrence Weston Community Survey

Dear All,

We are inviting all Lawrence Weston residents to fill out the our new Community Survey to direct our work for 2017 and beyond. The survey period will run till the end of February 2017 and results published soon after.  

To complete online go to:


Thank you for participating in the Lawrence Weston Community Consultation 2017! Three years ago we conducted a Community Consultation to collect information about the changes you wanted to see in Lawrence Weston. Since then we have been working hard to achieve what you said you wanted and so far we have achieved the following: 

  • Taken over the Youth Centre to stop it from closure and created a vibrant community resource.
  • Influenced the college site development to include a new Lidl supermarket, housing that meets local needs and a new community health/hub.
  •  Influenced the Council’s new build housing to ensure homes are energy efficient and created a Local Lettings Policy with BCC  to ensure 50%+ of new affordable homes built will go to Lawrence Weston residents.
  • Supported and funded residents to start up the Play Pod at Bangrove and Wiggles and Tiggles play group at Vincent close estate
  • Created an Employment Hub at the Youth Centre to support residents to find employment and training opportunities.
  •  Supported residents to write a Neighbourhood Development Plan through the Lawrence Weston Planning group to give the community a voice around planning issues. You can vote on this in February 2017.
  •  Provided funding for the new Oasis Crafts Shop on Ridingleaze, the Rock community centre, Lawrence Weston out of School Services, the Baptist Church Café, Sea cadets, Juicy Blitz Youth Provision, Blaise Weston Court Sheltered Housing, and other small groups
  • Brought in an additional £1.5 Million of investment to the local area!
  • Now the time has come around again for us to touch base and ask you how you think our work should now be focused. We are asking you some of the same questions, but also some new ones to reflect new priorities, such as housing, energy and community facilities. 

Thank you so much for your time and please come and say hello at the Youth Centre if you would like to get involved in our projects and services, or share any ideas you may have to make Lawrence Weston a better place to live, as well as anything else about the survey. Visit us at for more information about what we do.

Kind regards, Mark Pepper, Jo Clarkson and Laura Moreno
Ambition Lawrence Weston

Laura Moreno
Ambition Lawrence Weston
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