Planning Group

Residents of Lawrence Weston set up the Neighbourhood Planning Group to respond to planning applications and development proposals in the area, with the aim of keeping what is good about Lawrence Weston and improving what is less good.

PLEASE NOTE: The formal consultation on the application to re-designate the Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Planning Group as the Neighbourhood (Planning) Forum for the Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Planning Area will start on Friday 2nd March, and will run for 8 weeks until Friday 27th April. Click here for more information  and Click here to see the application

Get involved

The Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Planning Group meet every last Thursday of the month at Lawrence Weston Youth Centre, Long Cross, BS11 0RX at 7pm.

Come along to discuss different issues in Lawrence Weston and have a voice about how you would like the area to be developed, including community buildings, new homes, private developments, green spaces and verges and anything else to do with the built environment and public realm.

You can get in touch with the planning group through the Contact section of our website or just come along to the next meeting.

More say to local people

Planning applications within the neighbourhood planning area must be considered against the Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) as well as existing planning policy such as the Bristol Local Plan and National Planning Policy Framework. The NDP now forms part of the statutory Development Plan for Bristol. The NDP gives more say to local people and supports achieving objectives in the Lawrence Weston Community Plan.

Previous meetings

Read minutes of Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Planning Group’s previous meetings: