Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) sets out objectives on key themes including housing, traffic and transport, parks and green spaces, jobs and skills, community facilities, retail, health and wellbeing and urban design.

Neighbourhood Development Plan explained

For a clear overview of the Neighbourhood Development Plan, please watch this video

Why a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Neighbourhood Development PlaNPlanning applications within Lawrence Weston must be considered against the Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) as well as existing planning policy. It supports achieving land-use objectives in the Lawrence Weston Community Plan.

The NDP means local people now have more say in how Lawrence Weston will develop. The objectives of the NDP are:

  1. Promote sustainable development
  2. Encourage the provision of new housing on a variety of sites in general conformity with the Bristol Local Plan
  3. Provide a diverse range of tenures, forms and size of housing to encourage a wide variety of prospective residents to Lawrence Weston
  4. Ensure that the highest standards of building, public realm and landscape design are achieved and maintained
  5. Promote more sustainable, active travel options for the residents of Lawrence Weston
  6. Improve accessibility and connectivity between Lawrence Weston and the rest of Bristol
  7. Safeguard and create local employment through the provision of flexible commercial floor space in Lawrence Weston
  8. Create a more diverse and affordable convenience retail offer and support existing independent shops and services
  9. Safeguard and improve existing, and allocate new, community services and facilities

Get involved

You can help influence how Lawrence Weston is developed: join our Planning Group or contact Ambition Lawrence Weston to find out more.

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